The quilts can be anything from a Bed Quilt to a table runner. I make a heart, cut it out.. I love putting this quilt on my bed. One thought… and really listen.. I make believers every time I teach it.. Susan Brubaker Knapp What is an art quilt?

New Pathways Into Quilt History

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Cape Town hearts vintage Browse through classic attire at some of these nifty vintage stores in and around the Mother City Last Updated: Various designers and clothing stores have incorporated the look and feel of yesteryear in their fashion pieces. Why not get these signature pieces in its original state at a shop that specialises in what your mom used to wear? Vintage clothing stores in Cape Town are wonderfully nostalgic – not just for the comforting, musty scent, but also for the history connected to each garment.

Here’s a collection of the city’s best. Quality and individuality is key here, as all items are unique, carry their own personalised tale, and are strictly still in good condition. They provide for a great shopping experience at Grand Funk Retro Vintage; the upbeat music, a treasure trove of all things old and new, unique and welcoming staff at your service. With all of that in mind, I’m sure you’ll be stopping by soon! In addition to a collection of old-school garments found at local homes or bought at auctions, the shop — which boasts a bold pink chandelier as its focal point — also sells vintage handbags, hats, jewellery, belts and shoes.

Liz, who by experience has become something of an authority on the fashions of eras passed, is also especially adept at offering invaluable purchasing advice and suggestions.

Barbara Brackman’s MATERIAL CULTURE: Passion for Prussian Blue: Free Pattern

Kris Driessen is a quilt historian and teacher who offers lectures and workshops on vintage quilts as well as classes and workshops on new quilts. Classes focus on easy and creative sewing methods. Kris’s lectures and workshops feature quilts from her own collection.

Tree of Life is a vintage quilt block usually set on point. There are many Tree of Life quilts dating back to the s and 30s. Some are even more intricately-pieced than this example, which has “only” 28 little half-square-triangle units per block.

I am looking forward to starting out the new year with a fresh outlook, finish several projects and begin lots of new ones. I foundation pieced my square in a square blocks. It made my piecing much more accurate, I didn’t worry about precise cutting, and was able to focus on color and pattern, which is what I love to do best. Above and below, here are two similar shots, the one above is the newly made quilt and the one below is the antique quilt. I bought the antique quilt for very little money many years ago.

It is very tattered and worn and I probably thought of it as a cutter quilt at the time. But there is something about this quilt that I just love, the softness, the faded colors, the fact it is made up of mostly pinks and blues another one of my favorites! I used to actually have it hanging on my family room wall but I think it finally served its purpose, as worn as it is.

Quilt History Reports: s Contemporary Fabric Designs

Order Reprint of this Story June 10, This quilt was made by my grandmother or my mother — or perhaps both working together. I know it dates to at least the s, and may be as old as the s. It is part of a larger, inherited group of quilts and we have enough so every child and grandchild will receive one. What can you tell us about style and possible value?

Of course, the family sentimental value is priceless.

Jane Beck at Welsh Blankets has an extensive knowledge of the Welsh woollen Industry for Welsh Blankets & Welsh Quilts, living on the borders of Ceredigion & Carmarthenshire, an area well known for its commercialisation of the Wool Trade.

This is a list of our previous auctions. We provide this list to show you the quality and types of auctions we can hold. Over items to be sold in this 2-day Auction Event! Over pairs of rare spurs from early spur makers up to some of todays most sought after modern masters of spur craftsmanship. Over fantastic engraved firearms!

Also his large collection of vintage cowboy gear including prison made horse hair bridles, leather riatas, chaps, boots, plus many other cowboy items. Reynold’s collection of Navajo rugs. Do not miss this auction! This auction is not to be missed! Over items including: Chaps, gun rigs, and holsters. Jesse James arrest warrent, plus other important documents, Pancho Villia death mask, Early Bowies and other edged weapons. Many fine early coin op.

Vintage Quilts: Identifying, Collecting, Dating, Preserving & Valuing by Bobbie Aug

I am simply helping an internet friend out by figuring out the configuration of this block. If by chance you know who created this quilt block originally, please contact me so that credit can be given to the correct designer. I believe in giving credit where credit is due.

Jun 20,  · another auction find-this was a crib size top, the blocks were set with plain blocks of really cheap ugly fabric. I took the blocks apart and used only the embroidered ones making it .

Then how did so many wind up in my Quilt Cabin? That could be a rather long story. How about we go with the short version. As I was moving quilts about the cabin recently, I suddenly realized I had so many SBS quilts that I could no longer ignore the fact that I must have been unconsciously collecting them. Most are rather eccentric and roughly made though.

The photo below says it all. However, there are a few very nicely made examples as well. The most exciting part of collecting is the hunt, some say.

s quilts for today’s quilters

The Philadelphia Centennial Exposition was a big event in Victorian society. One of the most popular exhibits was the Japanese pavilion with its fascinating crazed ceramics and asymmetrical art. The Birth of the Crazy Patchwork Quilting Craze Women were eager to incorporate this new look into their quilts and with the help of popular women’s magazines the making of crazy quilts became quite the rage. Creativity was wide open with women sewing asymmetrical pieces of fabric together in abstract arrangements.

Old Quilts Antique Quilts Vintage Quilts Vintage Fabrics Green Quilt Hand Written Sampler Quilts Machine Quilting Quilt Blocks Forward Baltimore Album quilt dated x blocks, many hand written signatures but only one is dated.

Mary Schafer Quilt and Ephemera Collection [ click here to see samples ] During the period between the quilting revivals of the s and the s, Mary Schafer of Flushing, Michigan emerged as an important quiltmaker, historian, and collector in American quilt studies. Mary was born on April 27, in Austria-Hungary. Searching for a better life, he moved his family to Flint, Michigan during the early s.

In , Mary married Fred Schafer. By , following the difficult years of the Depression, Mary was established in her own home and was able to find time for herself to sew and knit. Deciding she would like to make a quilt, Mary purchased a kit in After reading the instructions, however, the project seemed overwhelming and the kit was returned to the store.

After her son left home in , Mary found that she had even more free time available and decided to again try a kit quilt. Inspiration appears in many forms; in Mary Schafer found hers while cleaning out the trunk of her car. Her son had recently returned from military service, and the homecoming was celebrated with a beach party. Picking up after the event, Mary discovered a wet and dirty unclaimed quilt that had been used as a beach blanket.

Wanting to honor the quiltmaker, Mary washed and repaired the quilt in attempt to restore the piece to its glory days.

Busy Thimble: New Pattern, Book, Fabric & Antique Fabric Study

Zodiac about the pattern reference This main purpose of this picture guide is for quick Vintage Pyrex pattern identification. We will replace older pictures and patterns as better ones are obtained. For further clarifications check for Pyrex on Ebay. You can now view various subsets of the listed pyrex patterns.

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April 01, Most of all, the Rocklin woman loves bringing a once-beloved piece of needlework — damaged through decades of use or neglect — back to colorful life. That event showcases star quilts — patchwork that features starlike patterns. In addition, the show includes a salute to quilt-making author Ruby Short McKim. The novice quilt maker just needed to stitch along the blue lines. Other kits featured precut patches to assemble.

A school teacher, McKim made designs that children could follow, too. Hand-sewing thousands of tiny stitches, Fibush has restored several kit quilts and McKim designs. As a collector, she has about antique and vintage quilts.

My Family Quilts: Vintage Quilt Tops!