October Solo living has become a significant trend all over the world over the past few decades. It is especially common in large cities or towns in developed countries. More and more people choose to live alone as modern work patterns and financial independence enable them to choose the lifestyle they want. When moving to a new country, your circumstances might mean you are making the move alone. If you are moving to, or if you have already been living in Saudi Arabia, you may feel unsettled at the beginning. This is because the way of life there differs from many countries — there are no pubs or clubs in Saudi Arabia as alcohol is prohibited in the country. There are also no cinemas.

Expat Life in Saudi Arabia

Copy and paste code to display the Featured Blog Badge: I absolutely love the insight and the information contained in the blog. This blog has helped demystify alot of myths about life in Saudi Arabia and has enabled me to feel more comfortable in my new home. As most women with Saudis know they don’t go into detail about much.

Jeddah: Ahmad Kamal, 70, has lived in Saudi Arabia for 35 years. As far as he is concerned, the kingdom is home. But a few months ago, he was asked to leave his job of four years with ROI ME, a.

Non-Muslims usually are not allowed to enter mosques. Sawm is the fast of Ramadan, the holy month. During the period of Ramadan, Muslims must fast every day between sunrise and sunset, but they feast enthusiastically at the close of the day. Ramadan is the celebration of the month in which the Koran was revealed, and is concluded with the feast of Id-al-Fitr. This is a religious holiday period which should be avoided by business travellers, as most business activities slow or stop until after Id-al-Fitr.

The date of this month is established by the cycle of the moon, moving forward ten days each year. Passports A passport and visa are required for entry into Saudi Arabia. Passports must be valid for at least six months beyond the estimated stay in the country. Saudi Arabia will bar entry to Israeli nationals. The restriction is officially termed political rather than religious. Nevertheless, anyone whose passport indicates travel in Israel or whose religious affiliation is Jewish has been refused entry.

This restriction may become an issue for firms whose home-country governments ban employment discrimination on the basis of religion. Companies hiring individuals bound for work in Saudi Arabia should check with their home-country governments for information and guidance.

Expat Military Retiree Profile: Living in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Industries such as real estate and IT are thriving in the region, but many Saudi nationals lack the education and training to fill those roles. This is creating a perfect storm for expatriates looking to make a move and advance their careers. But how can you be sure that a job is worth such a major relocation?

Saudi Arabia, the Middle East’s largest state and the fifth-largest country in Asia, is home to an estimated 10 million expats , of which are from the Western world.

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Expat Move to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

This expat housing is like living in a small self-contained holiday village or prison, depending on your point of view. The better ones have multiple pools, restaurants, markets, and so on. Within the compounds the dress is Western, some going as far as banning any form of Saudi dress and certainly Saudis are not allowed on at all socially! Generally accommodation on Western compounds in KSA is of reasonable quality and quite spacious.

Compound living is quite expensive compared to living off compound Anywhere from , to , SAR for a 3 bed villa or even more but most westerners choose this way of life due to freedom and security as well as the facilities. I would not recommend living off-compound if you have a wife and children; at least within the compound they have relative freedom.

Saudi Arabia is full of incredible job opportunities for expats. Industries such as real estate and IT are thriving in the region, but many Saudi nationals lack the education and training to fill those roles.

Firstly my own experiences as a westerner working in Saudi Arabia and then the treatment of expats from other less affluent countries. The shouting seems however to be the most preferred route. They will however choose carefully who they shout at like most bullies, they would never shout at someone that may for instance be higher up the social ladder than they are, but they would not hesitate to scream at an Indian clerk in a store. I have seen Saudi men shouting at and even hitting their own wives daughters?

I have also several times witnessed Saudi women arguing in stores as vehemently as the men do, but generally the men have either walked away or dragged the women away with them. The Saudis believe themselves to be the most important people and as such will do their best to never queue for anything, if you go to an airport in Saudi Arabia and wait patiently the clerk at the front of the queue will spend half of his time dealing with Saudis who insist on going straight to the front delaying everyone even further.

Saudi is a very hierarchical society, if you are perceived as being the top of the pile you will be treated accordingly, if however you are seen as being lower in social level then you may be treated with contempt if not out rightly abused.

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Is the golden era for expats in Saudi Arabia coming to an end? Jan 18, FinGlobal started off on a promising note for expats thinking about moving to Saudi Arabia, with talks of a green card for expats. It was proposed that the US-style green card would abolish the current set of rules, which only allow expats to remain in Saudi under the Kafala sponsorship system.

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Many expats are moving to Saudi Arabia for jobs. Only Muslims are allowed in the city, with millions arriving for the annual Hajj pilgrimage. It is absolutely massive; you need only look at photos to understand. Although Mecca is quite conservative, its people are very kind Note: The city contains al-Masjid an-Nabawi “the Prophet’s Mosque” , which is the burial place of the Islamic prophet Muhammad, and is the second-holiest city in Islam after Mecca.

Medina was Prophet Muhammad’s destination after his Hijrah from Mecca, and became the capital of a rapidly increasing Muslim Empire, first under Muhammad’s leadership, and then under the first three Rashidun caliphs Abu Bakr, Umar, and Uthman. It served as the power base of Islam in its first century where the early Muslim community developed. Medina is home to the three oldest mosques, namely the Quba Mosque, al-Masjid an-Nabawi,[2] and Masjid al-Qiblatayn “the mosque of the two qiblas”.

Expat Dating in Riyadh (Saudi Arabia)

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Well, the interview has highlighted the need for skilled expats in Saudi Arabia for economic development of the country and has cleared out the Expats do have a future in Saudi Arabia. The vision is all about development and reforms which will require expats help and assistance.

Saudi Arabia is the “only modern Muslim state to have been created by jihad , the only one to claim the Quran as its constitution”, and the only Arab-Muslim country “to have escaped European imperialism. Wahhabism arose in the central region of Najd , the eighteenth century. Proponents call the movement ” Salafism “, [8] and believe that its teachings purify the practice of Islam of innovations or practices that deviate from the seventh-century teachings of Muhammad and his companions.

Saudi is one of the few countries that have ” religious police ” also known as Haia or Mutaween , who patrol the streets ” enjoining good and forbidding wrong ” by enforcing dress codes , strict separation of men and women , attendance at prayer salat five times each day, the ban on alcohol, and other aspects of Sharia Islamic law or behavior it believes to be commanded by Islam. Cinema theatres were shut down in , for example. In the privacy of the home behavior can be far looser, and reports from the Daily Mail and WikiLeaks indicate that the ruling Saudi Royal family applies a different moral code to itself, indulging in parties, drugs and sex.

Businesses are closed three or four times a day [12] during business hours for 30 to 45 minutes while employees and customers sent off to pray ; [13] Because Friday is the holiest day for Muslims, the weekend is Friday-Saturday.

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